June 8, 2023
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Hearing Aid Prices – Why do Hearing Aids cost so much?

Hearing Aid Prices – Why do Hearing Aids cost so much?

How to get value for money in Australia

*This article is part 1 in a 2-Part Series on Hearing Aid Costs.

“Why do hearing aids cost so much?!” Good question – why does a consumer item the size of a peanut cost more than a laptop, bicycle or TV? This article answers that common question, as well as how to choose technology, a hearing clinic and long term benefit.

There are 3 main reasons why hearing aids cost more than other high tech goods.

  • Hearing Aid Costs are inclusive of Services – the cost of an aid is ‘bundled’ with the clinical and service support necessary for best outcomes. The device is not an accessory. It is a prosthetic requiring specific skills and equipment to program. That technical support is best achieved in a close rapport with a highly trained professional. This model of service is delivered by the Art of Hearing to provide its clients with holistic services.
  • Supply & Demand in Market – The next reason is about numbers – there are many more TVs and mobiles than hearing aids in the world, so the chip’s customized production is much more expensive.
  • Cost of Hearing Aid Technology – Third, hearing aid electronics must perform faster and more varied tasks than do computers – yet are miniscule. This “big job in a tiny package” combination requires more research and development.

How to get best help & value for money when buying Hearing Aids

This is only one part of the story, however. The choice of an appropriate hearing aid and support service cannot be made on price alone.

Long term benefits start with a good audiologist and clinic. If you’re “shopping around”, find out – what is the clinic’s reputation like? Start with other patient’s views and GPs’ comments on referring to local audiologists. Does the clinic encourage you to come back if you are having difficulties, or your needs change (some challenges may require more than the standard ‘test-fit-follow-up’ cycle) ? Are your results explained to you in plain English? Take a friend or family member to your first appointment. How “included” they feel will be critical to your improved communication. Ask for cost comparisons and try-before-you-buy options. Is the audiologist a member of a professional body with a code of conduct? Finally, check warranty, repair and maintenance arrangements.

Checklist to consider when choosing a Hearing Clinic to buy or upgrade your Hearing Aids.

  • ” Clinic’s Reputation
  • ” Client Reviews
  • ” Technical Support & Service
  • ” Maintenance & Supplies Options
  • ” Experience Audiologists
  • ” Hearing Aid Fitting & Technical Support
  • ” Hearing Aid Brand & Cost Alternatives

*This article is part 1 in a 2-Part Series on Hearing Aid Costs.

Read the second part below.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Hearing Aid

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Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Hearing Aid

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